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The now unpaired and free electron can be trapped in a lattice defect (e.g.an impurity-defect such as Titan in natural alpha-quartz) and form a paramagnetic centre.With Xepr, this spectrometer provides the prerequisites of innovative Spectrometer control, data acquisition and data processing.

In addition, a high-sensitivity-cavity can be used next to the regular one for the new ELEXSYS500-Spectrometer.

The differences to TL/OSL are the kind of defects that can be detected, the detection method (microwave absorption spectroscopy) and the signal-intensity resulting from microwave absorption that is represented in a typical ESR-spectrum.

Radioactive irradiation ionises paired electrons in the mineral and separates them from each other.

The energy that is spent during this process can be detected with the ESR-Spectrometer and converted in an ESR-spectrum.

An ESR-age is a function of the radiation rate and the atomic lattice defects which have been produced by radiation over time and in which unpaired 'free' electrons are trapped.

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